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New work in print

November 7, 2009

Just a note to point out that my article “Who is the Cure of Ars?” (on St. John Vianney) appears in the new issue (November/December 2009) of The Catholic Answer.  TCA is one of my favorite magazines.  Besides its excellent content, I’m always very impressed with the beautiful, eye-catching, and reader-friendly layout. 

Also, though I’m mentioning it a little late, my article on the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the modern liturgical movement, “The Birth of a Movement,” appeared in the September 20 issue of Our Sunday Visitor.

And actually, that’s it for my published work for a while.  I’ve almost always had something coming up in the pipeline for the past ten years or so.  I’ m always working on an assignment, or waiting for something I’ve turned in to be published.  But everything I’ve done is now published and I’m not working on any new assignments.  That’s because we recently moved and I started a new job, all of which has occupied all of my free time, so that I’ve little space for freelance work.  (You’ll notice blogging has been mostly light since summer, too.)  Hopefully I’ll get back on track soon, not because anyone would necessarily miss seeing my occasional byline (most folks, including me, usually overlook bylines), but just because I enjoy the work so much.

UPDATE: Come to think of it, there’s a little piece that I was asked to do by The Writer, on using anniversaries as hooks for articles, which is still waiting to be published.  It was scheduled for fall publication, but got mvoed due to a scheduling snafu on their end.  I think they said we’re looking at January now.


Vianney, Pio, and a renewal of Confession

June 24, 2009

Very interesting article from Sandro Magister:

The Fourth Sacrament under Restoration: On the Job, the Cure’ of Ars and Padre Pio

Endless streams of penitents stood in line at their confessionals. And Benedict XVI is proposing them as models in order to revitalize the sacrament of forgiveness. Surprisingly, Cardinal Martini also agrees with the pope. And he even wants a council for this purpose

A Beautiful Day, A Significant Anniversary, An Important Year

June 19, 2009

sacred_heart_02bToday is the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  A beautiful litany to mark the day can be found here

Today also marks the 150th anniversary of the death of St. John Vianney.  My biographical article on St. John Vianney will be published in an upcoming issue of The Catholic Answer.   In the meantime, for someone who is really looking for some good reading on the saint, I’d highly recommend The Cure d’Ars, by Francois Trochu.  It’s excellent.  And from the Popes, there’s are two documents not to be overlooked: Pope John XXIII’s 1959 encyclical letter about him, and Pope John Paul II’s 1986  letter to the priests of the world.

And today is the first day of the “Year for Priests” which Pope Benedict has called for, lasting through June 19, 2010.   The Pope will be celebrating solemn vespers this evening at St. Peter’s Basilica, in the presence of the relics of St. John Vianney, to formally open the year.  At some point during this year, the Pope intends to declare St. John Vianney the patron saint of all priests.  (I haven’t seen a date mentioned, and some present this information as if it has already happened, but it hasn’t.)  (Vianney is already patron saint of parish priests.)  (UPDATE: Pope Benedict’s letter to priests formally opening the year is posted here.)

Note: a plenary indulgence is available today, and on several other occasions throughout the year.  (A partial indulgence is available every day throughout this special year.) The full decree on this is here, but most pertinant is this section:

The Plenary Indulgence is granted to all the faithful who are truly repentant who, in church or in chapel, devoutly attend the divine Sacrifice of Mass and offer prayers to Jesus Christ the Eternal High Priest, for the priests of the Church, and any other good work which they have done on that day, so that he may sanctify them and form them in accordance with His Heart, as long as they have made expiation for their sins through sacramental confession and prayed in accordance with the Supreme Pontiff’s intentions: on the days in which the Year for Priests begins and ends, on the day of the 150th anniversary of the pious passing of St John Mary Vianney, on the first Thursday of the month or on any other day established by the local Ordinaries for the benefit of the faithful.

Blessed Feast of the Sacred Heart to all!

St. John Vianney, pray for priests, and for all of us!

Upcoming St. John Vianney anniversary

March 21, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI recently pointed out the upcoming 150th anniversary of the death of St. John Vianney, which will happen on August 4, 2009.  Vianney is the patron saint of parish priests. 

Connected with the anniversary, the Pope announced a special year dedicated to the priesthood to be observed within the Church, June 2009 (as the Pauline Year comes to a close) through June 2010.  The CNA article provides interesting details:

During the course of the Year, Benedict XVI will proclaim St. Jean Marie Vianney as the patron saint of all the priests of the world. A “Directory for Confessors and Spiritual Directors” will also be published, as will a collection of texts by the Holy Father on essential aspects of the life and mission of priests in our time.

The year will close June 19, 2010, with Pope Benedict presiding at a “World Meeting of Priests” in St. Peter’s Square.