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The Doctor of the Church and the Speaker of the House

August 28, 2008

Here we are on the feast of the great St. Augustine, smack dab at a time when his name is being invoked in American politics with a frequency and intensity like it almost certainly never has before! 

The Nancy Pelosi issue is being very well covered elsewhere in the Catholic blogosphere (like here, here, and here) so I won’t rehash it here, other than to say that our bishops are making me proud this week. 

I only want to point out one piece of commentary that could be overlooked, but shouldn’t be.  Though several American bishops have been holding their own this week, this piece in the Chicago Tribune by columnist Kathleen Parker could serve as a fine example of a sober and clear explanation of the most relevant facts.   

Happy feast of Augustine, the Doctor of Grace!

St. Augustine, pray for us.