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Life’s a journey that we take together

May 17, 2009

Brittany's 18th birthday 001Cecilia, Abigail, and Hope take a walk.  For some reason, maybe the tilt of their heads, it looks they’re pondering some weighty issue together.


You know your 40th birthday is approaching when…

March 23, 2009

…your five-year-old son, sitting beside you at the supper table, looks at you and says, “Dad, you have gray hair like Mr. Fantastic.”

Thanks, buddy.  Some sons think their dad is like Superman.  I guess that’s close enough.

First Christmas

December 20, 2008


My Little Martyr

November 24, 2008

Today’s group of newly beatified martyrs became an excellent topic of conversation at home last night.  I loved being able to point out to my kids that the group includes many families — moms, dads, and kids who died together for their faith.  It even sparked a very interesting conversation among us about martyrdom and whether we would be willing and able to make that kind of choice for our own faith. 

That conversation, I must admit, was my eight-year-old daughter Gianna’s idea.  She asked, “Dad, would you die for your faith if they said we weren’t allowed to be Christian?”  I told her to go ask her mom instead. 

No, not really. I said I sure hoped I’d be able to do that, but it would not be easy.  She told us she definitely would do it, because that’s what God would want.  Plus, she could be the second St. Gianna then.  My little martyr. 

I then gently explained that God would also want less whining when it came time for baths each evening, so maybe we could start there.

Rejoice with Us

May 5, 2008

I just returned from my evening walk.  Along the way, I stopped in our parish church and knelt for a few minutes, offering prayers of thanksgiving.  Our family has much to give thanks for this Sunday night. 

Yesterday our daughter Gianna received her first Holy Communion.  And the previous evening, our daughter Abigail, born about 6 weeks ago, received Holy Baptism!  Talk about a weekend of glory.  Praised be to God for his mercy and his love and his grace!

Nicholas Explains It All

April 13, 2008

Our Nicholas (4) to Abigail this week:

“God gives Mommy milk for you. My milk comes from happy cows.”

Welcome to the World, Abigail Anne!

March 18, 2008

A new addition to the family arrived this week! Meet Abigail Anne, here being greeted in the hospital room by her brothers and sisters.  It’s already like she was meant to be a part of the family all along.