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Sheen cause video

September 13, 2009

This brief video on the Sheen beatification cause is from  Nothing  new, though.  (I’m not too familiar with Rome Reports, though I’ve seen the show that airs on EWTN; I’d think an outfit like Rome Reports should probably know better than to make the mistake of saying Sheen “was  archbishop of New York and Rochester.”)


Worthwhile Reading on Sheen

May 30, 2009

sheen bookI’m working on an article about Archbishop Fulton Sheen for The Catholic Answer, planned for publication to mark the thirtieth anniversary of his death this December.  Sheen died  at the age of 84 on December 9, 1979. 

As part of my research for the article, I’m currently working my way through America’s Bishop: The Life and Times and Fulton J. Sheen, by Thomas C. Reeves.  It’s an excellent and very worthwhile read, providing far more than the standard and commonly known facts about Sheen’s remarkable life and ministry. 

Sure, everyone knows he was the greatest evangelizer the Catholic Church in America has ever known.  And he was certainly a full-fledged television star, with the same clout and popularity as just about anyone else on television in his heyday.

But the book also reveals some other truly admirable aspects of his character, as well as some of his interesting and surprising flaws.  It also has a lot to say about the tragic impact on his life and career of his conflict with Cardinal Francis Spellman. 

The article will be an interesting one to pull together.  I recommend the book to anyone interested in looking a little more deeply.

Archbishop Sheen anniversary

December 9, 2008

29 years ago today, Archbishop Fulton Sheen went home to God. 

(Just two months earlier, he had received a warm embrace from Pope John Paul II in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, who said to him, “You have written and spoken well of the Lord Jesus.  You are a loyal son of the Church.”  Now that’s a send-off!)

You can find a great website to download lots of audio files of his extraordinary preaching and teaching here.

The official website of his canonization cause is here.