closing down

I started this blog in the first days of 2008, and these final days of 2009 seem to be a good place to close down shop.  I started a new job, in a new state, in late summer, and since then the time for the blogging and freelance writing has not crept back into my schedule.  I’ve worked hard to protect family time from the new job demands, and so far that’s gone well.  I don’t feel the need to put the same effort into protecting the blogging time.  I’m also going to let the website expire come mid-December.  I do hope the time for freelancing reappears, both because I enjoy it and it helps to pay the bills.  But family time, in these years while the kids are young, trumps all.

Thanks for stopping by.  It’s been a real pleasure. 

Oremus pro invicem.  Let us pray for one another.


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