Senator Kennedy, and Bishop Morlino’s Witness to Mercy

I have read a lot of  the commentary that has been published on the occasion of Senator Ted Kennedy’s death.  Some of it has been pretty good, some not very helpful at all, but I haven’t felt like much of it fas really, truly hit the mark, especially in what has seemed to be to be really authentically Catholic thinking.  As in many things, most of it seemed to have one “piece” of what needed to be said, but often at the expense of some other piece.  (Ted Kennedy was a complicated guy, I guess!)

Anyway, when I read Bishop Robert Morlino’s column today, I thought, “This is it.  This is what needed to be said, from a Catholic perspective, about the life and death of this prominent Catholic American figure.”

I hesitate to cherry-pick an excerpt or two, because my whole point is that this stuff needs to be understand as a whole.  I recommend checking it out, and perhaps making it a moment of reflection on our own lives, usually not lived as publically as Kennedy’s, with a reminder that we’re all standing in that line that Bishop Morlino refers to.

(Thanks to Whispers in the Loggia for pointing it out.)


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