“Champion of the Unborn and Unwanted”: Another American in the pipeline?

On the cause of Bishop Alphonse Gallegos, who was auxiliary bishop of Sacramento until his death at 60 in an auto accident, in 1991:

St. Alphonse of Sacramento?

Process to canonize beloved former auxiliary bishop moves forward

An effort to beatify and canonize former Sacramento Auxiliary Bishop Alphonse Gallegos, described in one biography as a “champion of the unborn and the unwanted,” continues to move forward.

The diocese is in the process of preparing a more than 1000-page report summarizing the testimony of over 100 witnesses attesting to Bishop Gallegos’ virtuous life and declarations from those who say the bishop has interceded on their behalf since his death almost 18 years ago. The report is scheduled to be sent to the Vatican at year’s end.


Sara Sevilla, 15, of Oxnard, told the Bee that she was nearly blind and said Bishop Gallegos’ intercession restored her vision a year ago. “My family and I prayed, asking for his help,” Sevilla told the Bee. “I got this warm feeling all over me and then I got my eyesight.”

Full article here.  Thanks again to Matt, at Sacred Heart Radio, for spotting it.


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