On loan

In English class, you’ll remember, we called them loan words — words that have worked their way into the English from other languages. We got chauffeur and amateur from French, karaoke from Japanese, and graffiti, ballerina, and diva from Italian.

Anyway, I’m always interested when I notice loan words from English in Italian. (I’m sure English works its way into most languages in the world, probably more than any other language, but it’s Italian I’m a little familiar with.) For example, the Italians use the English word to talk about blue jeans and the weekend.

Anyway, I noticed a new one today (new to me). Here’s a sentence from Andrea Tornielli on the Pope’s trip to the hospital this weekend: “Dopo colazione, è stato portato in ospedale e qui sottoposto a un check-up completo…”

After breakfast, he was taken to the hospital and there underwent a complete … check-up!


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