But what about the BOOKS?

The New Liturgical Movement blog is posting a three-part series on Cardinal Newman.  The first one offers a glance, with photos, into Newman’s private study.  Apparently, the room remains in the same state that it was when Newman lived in it, right down to the books on the shelves, which is cool. 

The author of the peice is not identified, other than to say that he is a member of the Birmingham Oratory.  But I can’t help thinking he’s not a book-geek.  How do I know?  Because when you are one, it’s easy to spot one.  And I can tell you, the first thing I’d have done when I wlaked into the room was head for the shelves.  I’d have questions!

What are the books on the shelves?  I’d have to take a good, long look over the theology books — oh my, one visit would not be enough — their titles and authors.   Any fiction, and if so, what?  Which ones seemed to be the most used, and which barely opened?  Did he mark them at all?  Write notes in them?  Did he put his name inside them?  How many books are there? 

These questions aren’t addressed.   But you do get some nice photos of the books.


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