South Africa’s First Saint?

South Africa: Anti-Witchcraft Catholic May Become Saint

Pretoria — A Catholic who was killed 19 years ago for rejecting his people’s belief in witchcraft could become South Africa’s first saint.

The Diocese of Tzaneen has completed the first phase of the cause for beatification and canonization of the Servant of God Benedict Daswa.


According to a biographical note published by the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Benedict grew up in a traditionalist family who belonged to the small Lemba tribe who live mainly among the Venda people in the Limpopo Province. He became a Catholic while training to become a primary school teacher.

Benedict soon realized that witchcraft was against his Catholic faith. From then on in his private life and also in public he took a strong stand against witchcraft because he said it led to the killing of innocent people accused of witchcraft activities.

Full article here.  Thanks to Matt Swain at Sacred Heart Radio for the tip.


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