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kateriI’ve been spending much time over the past week poring over Caritas in Veritate, and some related material, thinking, reading, reflecting, researching, praying, writing.  My arrangement with Pauline Books and Media gives me four weeks to turn in a manuscript for Your Guide to Caritas in Veritate: Charity in Truth (so that they’re able to publish it in as timely a manner as possible).  So my head has been in that encyclical, and my butt’s been in my desk chair.  If I’m not here as much over the next few weeks, that’s why.  Also, at the same time, we’re moving.  Oy-vay, what timing.

Mark Shea noticed a comment I posted over at his place (one of my favorite spots to stop in for a daily look) and included it in a post of its own yesterday.  Nice to get a nod like that.

In the meantime, I’m also glad that Mark drew my attention today to a Ross Douthat column called “The Audacity of the Pope” that went up at the New York Times site two days ago.  It’s better than just about all of the stuff I’ve seen on CiV in the Catholic media (yeah, in the NYT!).   A clip:

But Catholics are obliged to take seriously the underlying provocation of the papal message — namely, that our present political alignments are not the only ones imaginable, and that truth may not be served by perfect ideological conformity.

So should all people of good will. For liberals and conservatives alike, “Caritas in Veritate” is an invitation to think anew about their alliances and litmus tests.

Please do check out the whole thing.

Today is the feast of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, important for all Americans, but especially cool here in central New York, where the National Shrine of Kateri Tekakwitha is located.  We visited four years ago.  It was about 110 degrees and our whole crew was hot and irritable.  Memorable.  Still, happy day, all.


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