CiV Backgrounder

Today the Vatican officially set a publication date for Caritas in Veritate: Tuesday, July 7, at 11:30 am. 

CNS’s Carol Glatz has a good backgrounder today.  It includes a good explanation of Catholic Social Teaching and the encyclicals that have expressed it:

Instead of focusing on theological beliefs, the social encyclicals written by most modern-day popes have tried to shape the way Christians and all people of good will can better serve the common good. Each social encyclical was unique in that it sought to respond to the most pressing social realities at the time.

Also a good summary of the social encyclicals of the past 100+ years.   It’s important, because it’s the context within which this encyclical falls.

(Sidenote: I’m happy to see Evangelium Vitae included in the list of social encyclicals.  It’s often not, but I always do when I teach on the topic of CST.  It highlights that the abortion issue is a human rights issue, not simply a religious one.)


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