On 2 American Causes

Two articles out this weekend, relating to the causes of two American figures who lived around the same time:

A lengthy Baltimore Sun article on the official investigation of a miracle attributed to Blessed Francis Seelos (1819-1867).  It regards an Annapolis woman who recovered (miraculously?) from cancer.  (UPDATE: AOL has picked up on the Sun‘s story and put a headline, with link to a report, on their front page today, 6/29/09.)

An article from the Buffalo News on the cause of Fr. Nelson Baker (1841-1936), who lived in Lackawanna, NY, related to a new book called The Father Baker Code.   Clip:

In the new book, Koerner recounts stories about Father Baker’s alleged wonder-working, including that of Mary Timm, a former employee in the basilica gift shop who told many people about her experience in which an apparition of Father Baker scared off a robber who was holding up the store; he also tells of healing stories involving Baker, including that of a woman healed of a serious ear condition in 1999 in the basilica.

Koerner said it was stories like that one – in which a person prayed to Baker, and believed himself or herself healed of a serious illness through Baker’s intervention – that led him to the title of his book.

“It’s a theory of mine,” he said. “The code I’ve come across with Baker is, if you combine piety with suffering, it leads to miracles. It’s almost like a rule. It’s the key to his whole life – he can empathize with suffering, because he has been through it himself.”

There’s a blog on Baker and his cause here.


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