He Signed It

Sts-Peter-and-PaulThe Pope announced today (during his brief address following the praying of the Angelus, which followed the tradition pallium Mass for the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul) that he has signed Caritas in Veritate.  The encyclical, Pope Benedict’s third, will be released to the public on July 6 or 7 (an Italian paper, Corriere della Serra, reports). 

The long-awaited document will be the latest installment in the Church’s rich tradition of applying moral principles to various social issues.  Collectively, this is known as Catholic Social Teaching

The report in Corriere della Serra includes a peek at few paragraphs of the new encyclical.  A clip from the CNA report, taking off from the CdS report:

According to the Pope, the current crisis has been sparked by “a deficit of ethics in the economic structures.” A reform of the current system, therefore, will require “a common code” based on “the truth from both faith and reason,” capable of providing “the light through which the human intelligence arrives at natural and supernatural truth of charity.”

Vecchi claims that the Pope will recall the “social responsibility of private companies,” but also underscore that “true development is impossible without honest men, without financial operators and politicians who strongly feel in their own consciences the call to [serve] the common good.”

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’ll be preparing a study companion to the document, to be published by Pauline Books and Media, along the lines of my Your Guide to Spe Salvi: Saved in Hope.  To make the companion to the new encyclical as timely as possible, we’ve already done the preparatory paperwork on the project (truth be told, it’s been done for over a year — that offers an illustration of how long the publication of this encyclical has been on the horizon!) and I’ve agreed to turn in a completed manuscipt in about a month.  (Thank heavens I’m on summer vacation from work.)

Can’t wait to dive in!

(Thanks to Whispers for pointing out the news.)


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