A St. Damien Museum in Hawaii

It’s in the works:

And artifacts are everywhere: A lock of his hair is under glass in a circular box. Damien’s vestments hang in a specially made plastic display case near the door. And in a corner case sit his personal items, including his glasses.

Some of these artifacts have never been seen by the public. Many haven’t been on display in years.

But the congregation is working to change that.

With Father Damien’s canonization just four months away and interest in his life growing around the world, congregation members are finalizing plans for a permanent Damien museum in Waikiki, which they hope to have open in about a year; working to digitize Damien photos before they are lost to age; and fielding more requests for Damien information. It’s work the tiny congregation, of which Damien was a member, is happy to do despite limited resources.

Full story here.

Also online: An interview with a 91 year-old nun who participated  in a 1936 procession as part of the move of Fr. Damien’s remains from Hawaii to Belgium.  (He had died in 1889.)  She’s planning on being in Rome for his Oct 11 canonization.


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