Medicine and Miracles

CNS recently posted an interesting article on the role of doctors in sainthood causes, specifically in making judgments about miracles attributed to the intercession of the potential saint-to-be.  A clip:

Polisca said the role of the physicians is not to declare a miracle, but rather to determine whether an alleged healing could have a natural or a medical explanation. If the absolute majority of the members of physicians’ commission vote that a healing has no natural or scientific explanation, the case is passed on to a commission of theologians who determine whether the healing could have been the response to a prayer request for the intercession of the sainthood candidate.

In the case of Catholic martyrs, only one miracle is needed for canonization. For sainthood candidates who were not killed out of hatred for the faith, one miracle is needed before beatification and a second is needed before canonization.

Thanks to Matt at Sacred Heart Radio for pointing out the article.


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