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Be sure to check out, as Blessed Jeanne Jugan’s canonization day approaches.  Sr. Constance Veit, LSP, tells me the site’s not new, but it has received a complete overhaul in preparation for the canonization.  It’s rich with interesting and helpful content and makes an excellent resource as the day approaches. 

Don’t miss, for example, the booklet length “WWJJD?  What Would Jeanne Jugan Do?” (this link takes you to the .pdf file), which explores both the basic biographical information about her and also reflects on the ongoing mission of her congregation today.  (And you must admit, it’s a darn clever format, with the whole WWJJD?, to present it all.)  You can’t read it without being convinced of how incredibly relevant, timely, and needed the ministry of these sisters is today.

Also cool is the point that is made about “what made Jeanne Jugan a saint” — important to understand when we talk about any of the saints of the Church.   A clip from the page:

Jeanne Jugan will not be canonized because she founded a religious congregation, because her work has spread all over the world, or even because the elderly need a friend today more than ever. She will be declared a saint because she practiced heroic virtue.

In speaking of the saints Pope Benedict XVI said that “heroic virtue does not mean that the saint performs a type of ‘gymnastics’ of holiness, something that normal people do not dare to do. It means rather that in the life of a person God’s presence is revealed….”

Heroic virtue means that “in one’s life there appear realities which the person has not done himself, because he has been transparent and ready for the work of God. “In other words,” the Pope said, “to be a saint is nothing other than to speak with God as a friend speaks with a friend.”

(I made comments related to this in a post called “Walking the Walk” earlier this year.)

Thanks to Sr. Constance  for the link.


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