New Today:

damien%20(2)The Diocese of Honolulu has rolled out a brand new website just today, which looks like it’ll be the go-to place for all things Damien, particularly as the universal Church welcomes him as one of its newest saints.  It’s

By all means, spend some time nosing around there yourself.  But among its resources are biographical information, songs about Fr. Damien, a great set of FAQs, interesting information about the statue of him that stands in the U.S. Capitol building, an itinerary for the relic that will tour the U.S. following the canonization, and much more.   I particularly enjoyed the rich collection of prayers to Fr. Damien that is provided. 

Thanks to Sharon Chiarucci at the Honolulu diocesan offices for the heads up, and kudos to those responsible for putting it together.


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