More info on the St. Damien relic tour

Sharon Chiarucci, an official of the Diocese of Honolulu, responded very helpfully and promptly to my request for details about the brief U.S. tour that the relic of St. Damien of Molokai will make in the days following the Leper Priest’s October 11, 2009, canonization in Rome.  I had somehow missed the helpful information available at the diocesan website (.pdf file of itinerary as it stands now is here) in my own search. 

Basically, if you’re living at the North American College, in Detroit, San Francisco, or Oakland, you’re in luck.  If you’re in Hawaii, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with a bit of St. Damien’s mortal remains. 

Here’s where things stand now, based on Ms. Chairucci’s email and the website:

Sunday, October 11 – The Pope canonizes St. Damien at St. Peter’s Basilica.

Monday, October 12, 6:30 am – Relic will be at the Pontifical North American College in Rome.  (No details noted about public veneration.)

Tuesday, October 13 – The relic arrives in the U.S. in Newark, New Jersey, but there is no planned stop for public veneration in Newark.

Wednesday, October 14 – The relic stops in Detroit, Michigan.  Place and time for public veneration to be announced.

Thursday, October 15 – The relic stops in San Francisco, California.  Veneration will take place at St. Mary’s Cathedral, sometime in the afternoon and/or evening; specifics to be announced.

Friday, October 16 – The relic stops in Oakland, California.  Veneration will probably take place at Christ Our Light Cathedral, time to be announced.

Saturday, October 17 – The relic arrives in Hawaii.  An extensive itinerary of places and times for veneration of the relic in the Hawaiian islands is already available here (same .pdf file linked above). 

I’ll try to keep my antennae up for developments on this and note them here.  Sure would be nice if more locations were added to this list.  But since the tour obviously can’t begin before October 13, and the plans for its presence in the Hawaiian islands are well developed beginning October 17, that leaves very little room for development in between.

Appreciative thanks to Ms. Chiarucci and the Diocese of Honolulu for providing the information!


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