5 new saints!

This Sunday the Pope canonizes five new saints! 

In some ways, there’s not a lot of variety in this group.  Four are founders of religious congregations, the other a member of one.  Four are Italian, the fifth Portugese.  Three of them lived at the end of the 19th and/or beginning of the 20th centuries; the other two lived in the Middle Ages.

Three are men, two are women.  They include 1 priest, 2 consecrated brothers (one of whom was previously married), and 2 consecrated sisters.

But something that is indeed common to all of that is that they shared a love of God and his people to a degree that elevated them to the heights of holiness.  All five of them are our elder brothers and sisters in the faith, walking with us as companions on our journey and standing as examples of how ordinary folks (which they were) can indeed live extraordinary lives for God. 

To acquaint you with these wonderful companions and heroes, I’ll be posting brief bios of each one in the next day or two.


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