Sr. Dorothy’s killer charged

Suspected ‘mastermind’ of Sr. Dorothy Stang’s murder charged

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January 9, 2009

— CNS/Reuters: Sr. Dorothy Stang in 2004A Brazilian rancher suspected of orchestrating the 2005 murder of Notre Dame de Namur Sr. Dorothy Stang, an American nun who spoke out against logging in the Amazon rain forest, will be charged in the killing and brought to trial following his arrest for land fraud, prosecutors said Dec. 28.

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  1. David Stang Says:

    N.C.R. has done an excellent job in covering the news of Dorothy Stang. The Stang Family wishes to thank this Catholic Newspaper for its continued interest. The causes for which she gave her life continue. The new mayor of Anapu, Chiquinho, was a close friend of Sr. Dorothy. On the day he won election last November, in his car was Bida and Regivaldo both people who have been in jail accused of masterminding the murder of this great Sister of Notre Dame de Namur. The Prosecutor Edson since last May has asked for the retrial of Bida without any success even though President Lula called that May trial a travesty of justice publicly in the Brazilian newspapers. At a meeting in November as you have read Regivaldo declared that he owned plot 55, public land and therefore belongs to the government and given to the Project of Sustainable Development where Sr. Dorothy was murdered, and State Prosecutor Edson requested that Regivaldo be tried within 30 days. There has been no response from the State Judicial System since that request. Jan.24th there will be in Belem Para the World Social Forum where over 100,000 people have registered. The award winning movie “They Killed Sister Dorothy” will be shown at this Forum. There will be a panel of speakers after this movie consisting of Felicio Pontes Federal Prosecutor; A person from The Dorothy Stang Committee; A Sister of Notre Dame de Namur; and a Stang Family Member. Will the Government of Brazil, the State of Para stand up for itself or will the thugs and thieves continue to control the Amazon and the State of Para? Over 800 farmers in the State of Para who have been murdered still have not seen justice. The ranchers in Para continue to kill and claim public land. The Amazon continues to be destroyed.

    David Stang

  2. Jeanne Erling Says:

    I agree with my Uncle David. We are tired of hearing of all of the injustice in the state of Para and throughout Brazil. Greed has been winning for too long and the poor there have suffered enough. The rest of the world depends upon the amazon and if that is not enough for the ranchers and illegal loggers and companies who exploit, it should be enough for the Brazilian government to put a stop to this.
    Jeanne Erling

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