Son Rise goes global

Congratulations and good luck to the folks at Sacred Heart Radio, broadcast out of Cincinnati and available to everyone via the internet.  Today’s the day their Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick goes international.  Starting at 7:00 this morning, Son Rise joins the EWTN Global Catholic radio network.  That means they’ll be heard on over 100 radio stations and satellite radio. 

The Son Rise program regularly features important information, resources for prayer and spiritual growth, and a wide variety of excellent guests, like Fr. Robert Barron, Mark Shea, Rich Leonardi, Mike Aquilina, Mitch Finley, and many others.

And somehow, I ended up there, too.  My monthly visits with Brian Patrick, on the topic of up-and-coming saints’ causes, have been fun and interesting.  The next one, in fact, is tomorrow morning.


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