Between Churches and Worried About Security, Obama Misses Out On Religious Services

by John McCormick, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

HONOLULU — – Barack Obama has long stressed the importance of religion in his life.

But as his fellow Christians around the world attended Christmas services on Wednesday and Thursday, the president-elect and his family remained sequestered at their vacation compound on the windward coast of Oahu.

His lack of attendance at formal religious services showcased a dilemma faced by Obama, who is between churches and often also expresses concern about bringing the disruption of his security detail into the lives of others.

Still, he has not attended a public church service since before being elected.

But then part of me says, at least he’s not doing it for show.  He’s open about what’s important to him and what’s not, without trying to pretend or go through the motions for the sake of our approval.  (How very admirable.)

UPDATE: He did find time to spend an hour in the gym on Sunday. No concern, apparently, for disrupting things there.


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