“Marley & Me”: Parents Take Note

Something wasn’t right in the first place about the the fact that Jennifer Anniston is appearing in a kids’ movie the same month she’s appearing nude on the pages of GQ.  And since she did, I’m not sure I’d jump at having my kids see her new movie, Marley & Me, anyway, just on principle. 

This doesn’t have much to do with the standard topics usually covered on this blog.  But I was glad I read this column by an MSNBC.com film critic (Drudge linked to it) before I rented the movie. (It’s still in theaters now, but since we so rarely go to the theater with our kids, we’d be much more likely to rent it eventually.)  So I thought other parents out there also might appreciate the “heads up,” too.  (And note: This does reveal the ending of the movie.)


A word of warning to parents out there who have been seduced by the adorable-puppy-in-Christmas-bow advertising of “Marley & Me” and are considering taking their youngsters to see it: Don’t. The dog — and this may technically count as a spoiler, even though the movie is based on a best-selling book — dies. And “Marley & Me” milks audience grief (and will traumatize children) more than “Bambi” and “Old Yeller” combined.


It’s not that “Marley & Me” doesn’t come by its tears honestly, but once you get beyond “see the nice doggie, see the nice doggie die,” there’s not a whole lot going on here.

Entire column is here.


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  1. April H Says:

    My 10 y.o. daughter saw the cute cover of this book in the library and asked to borrow it. We did, but I scanned through the book first to see if there was bad language, etc. in it. (Like you mentioned, the fact that Jennifer Aniston is in the movie is not a good sign.) Well, I only spent about 5 minutes flipping through it, but there was enough bad content and bad language to return it today unread. Thanks for the heads up regarding the movie. I’m looking forward to “The Tale of Despereaux” coming out on DVD (we also rarely go to the theater). I haven’t read the book but it looks really cute. One of our family’s favorites is “Babe.” It’s very good. The only incident I recall of bad language is the pig saying “Bu**-head”. Sorry for the long post.

  2. coffee fiend Says:

    judging by the box office, it looks like Jennifer Aniston is giving Brad Pitt a run for his money…

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