John XXIII’s diaries

The Journal of a Soul, first published several decades ago, is a generous sampling of the diaries of Angelo Roncalli (who became Pope John XXIII), which he kept from his teen years right up to his death.  If you’ve never explored them, it’s well worth the time. 

Turns out that hefty tome is only a small portion of all of Roncalli’s diaries.  They been published in full now, in 10 volumes! 

The first volume contains works of young Angelo at age 14, in which he recounts his experiences as a seminarian. The last volume presents the testimonies of the Pontiff in 1963, the year of his death, when he was overseeing the recently launched Second Vatican Council.

They are only available in Italian at this point.  And since The Journal of a Soul is out there, making the full 10 volumes of interest to a rather limited audience, I wouldn’t look for an English translation anytime soon.


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