America’s Pius XII article

There’s an article on Pope Pius XII, “A Pope in Wartime,”  in the new issue of the Jesuit journal America.  Written by church historian Gerald Fogarty, SJ, I’d say it’s more significant for the publication it’s in than for anything particularly new in the article. 

The article is generally positive toward Pacelli.  It doesn’t present him as particularly heroic in his criticism of the Nazis or defense of the Jews during WWII, but it does present some sound evidence that Pacelli had strong anti-Nazi sentiments (probably more because of their treatment of the Church than their treatment of the Jews) and that his “silence” was not out of cowardice or approval of Nazi persecution of the Jews.

In other words, Fogarty concludes he was anti-Nazi and acted on it, not especially heroic, but not evil or anti-Semitic either.


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