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April H asked a good question in a comment below:

Thanks so much for the great book giveaway! I was just looking through your blog trying to find out who did the awesome painting on the cover of your book, “Saints for our time,” that’s at the top of blog. I’d like to have a copy of that to hang on my wall ;) Who is the artist? Blessed Mother Teresa and St. Gianna really radiate joy in the painting.

I love it, too, for the same reason she says she likes it. 

The artist is Anna Winek-Leliwa, based in Boston.  You’ll find her website here, with plenty more gorgeous examples of her work (including the original watercolor for my book cover here, by clicking on St. Faustina’s face).  Her site is well worth a visit when you have the time to enjoy it slowly. 

Unfortunately, the site notes that the original of the Saints cover has been sold.  (Though maybe prints are available?  It may be worth contacting her about that.)


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  1. April H Says:

    Thanks for the information! I have emailed her to give my compliments and I asked her about whether prints are available. I will let you know her response. Ohhh, if I could paint like that my walls would be covered with portraits! Her green horse story in her bio is very neat, too. Thanks!

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