Today’s Guest Blogger: Alicia Van Hecke

When I first contacted Margot Davidson, the editor of mater et magistra, about giving away a one-year subscription to the magazine during this Festival of Hope and asked her to consider doing a guest post during the month as well, she responded by saying she’d be happy to give away the subscription and that she had just the article, by a mater et magistra writer, in mind for the Festival.

When the article’s author, Alicia Van Hecke, sent along the article, I could see exactly why Margot thought it would be a good fit.  In fact, after my first look at it, I wrote Alicia to thank her, and asked her if I could do some editing for length.  She was fine with that.  The thing is, the more I looked at it, the more I thought everything in it belonged in it, and I didn’t want to cut a thing out.  So here it is, with just a few minor edits, just as Alicia sent it.   You’re going to like it.

Alicia is a homeschool graduate and an alumna of Thomas Aquinas College.  Her and her husband John homeschool their six children naer Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She is the editor of and blogs at Studeo.  You can hear her Love2Learn Moments daily on Milwaukee’s Relevant Radio.


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  1. Karen Edmisten Says:

    It’s such a wonderful article. I’m so glad you decided to run it in its entirety! Alicia is a wonderfully hopeful person.

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