Today’s Guest Blogger: Karina Fabian

I mentioned below that I wanted to make sure this Festival of Hope included writers of fiction. Not just any writers of fiction, but writers whose faith shapes their art (though certainly what that means or should mean varies among Catholic writers).  So one natural choice seemed to be Karina Fabian, the president of the Catholic Writers Guild

Karina writes science fiction and fantasy, often with Catholic characters and themes. She and her husband have edited two award-wining anthologies, Infinite Space, Infinite God and Leaps of Faith, both of which involve Christian themes.  Her fiction also appears in the anthology Firestorm of Dragons.  She is also the author of several nonfiction works on crafts.

Karina’s home on the web is at

[By the way, the Festival of Hope, barring unforeseen circumstances, will not pause for Thanksgiving.  In order to post all of the guest posts that I’ve gathered and to give away all that I have to offer for free to you, my plan is to keep right on rolling through Thursday and into the weekend.  So stop by during your holiday festivities if you get a chance.]


3 Responses to “Today’s Guest Blogger: Karina Fabian”

  1. Karina Fabian Says:

    Thanks for letting me be a part of the festival, Barry!

    BTW, Leaps of Faith is Christian, not Catholic. I guess you could call it ecumenical. It focused more on exploring Christian ideas of faith and God in a sci-fi setting–and on fun storeies.

    This month of hope was a wonderful idea! I’m sure you’ve blessed many lives. This Thanksgiving, a little extra thanks goes to people like you and your other guests for bringing a little light where too many are focusing on the dark.


  2. unwriter1 Says:

    Karina is a beacon in this dark world we live in. For all the hope lost, she is head of the lost and found department. A great blog, great posts, keep up the good work.

  3. Barry Michaels Says:

    Whoops. Thanks for pointing out the error, Karina. I’ve adjusted the wording accordingly in the post. Great to have you with us today — as some of the comments indicate!

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