“Happy Birthday”

Mentioning my DEFEND HUMAN RIGHTS: OPPOSE ABORTION bumper sticker (above) reminds to mention this.

So one unit of the eleventh grade morality course I teach is on Human Dignity / Human Rights.  One assignment for that unit that I give every year is on “The Music of Human Rights.”  Students pick one song from popular/rock music that deals in some way on the topic of human dignity or rights (there are dozens and dozens of them).  They play the song (usually the video on Youtube, which I can project on our movie screen) and then explain to the class in two minutes what the song has to do with human dignity/rights. 

I get to hear a lot of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and John Lennon over a period of two or  three days.  And that’s fine.  There’s a lot of good music that has come from socially conscious artists. 

But the other day, one of my students got up and played this video, which I had not heard before.  “Happy Birthday,” by an artist called Flipsyde.  It’s excellent, particularly for the high school audience.  And it was great to have it being played in my classroom by one of the students, who pointed out bluntly to her peers in her commentary, “If you don’t have a right to live, what good is any other right at all?” 

(By the way, the student who chose this song for her project was, until this year, homeschooled.  Doesn’t surprise me at all that she’s the one able to make the human rights connection to abortion and is also willing to stand up and say so.)

Take a look.


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