Today’s Guest Blogger: Ellen Gable Hrkach

I’ve mentioned here before that I decided early in the planning for the Festival of Hope that besides featuring the voices of writers, I also wanted to include some artists (and so we heard this month from Regina Doman and Lawrence Klimecki). 

Another aspect I wanted to be sure to include was the work of writers of fiction, and so we’re hearing from two novelists this month as well.  The first of the two is Ellen Gable Hrkach.  (The last name is pronounced “her cash.”)

Ellen is the author of Emily’s Hope, a novel about one young woman’s difficult journey to find faith, love, and hope.  

She is a also frequent contributor to Family Foundations and the author of the column “Sexually Speaking” at   She and her husband, James, are certified teachers of Natural Family Planning for the Couple to Couple League.  Together they are at the helm of Full Quiver Publishing

Her post follows.  Below it you’ll find her novel as today’s book giveaway.  

(By the way, you will also find a new list of recent book giveaway winners below.)


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