My Little Martyr

Today’s group of newly beatified martyrs became an excellent topic of conversation at home last night.  I loved being able to point out to my kids that the group includes many families — moms, dads, and kids who died together for their faith.  It even sparked a very interesting conversation among us about martyrdom and whether we would be willing and able to make that kind of choice for our own faith. 

That conversation, I must admit, was my eight-year-old daughter Gianna’s idea.  She asked, “Dad, would you die for your faith if they said we weren’t allowed to be Christian?”  I told her to go ask her mom instead. 

No, not really. I said I sure hoped I’d be able to do that, but it would not be easy.  She told us she definitely would do it, because that’s what God would want.  Plus, she could be the second St. Gianna then.  My little martyr. 

I then gently explained that God would also want less whining when it came time for baths each evening, so maybe we could start there.


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