November 20 book giveaway: my new book “Your Guide to Spe Salvi: Saved in Hope”

The whole point of this Festival of Hope has been to celebrate the virtue of hope in general, and in particular the one year anniversary of the publication of Pope Benedict’s second encyclical, Spe Salvi, on Christian hope.  But I haven’t said much yet about my most recent book, Your Guide to Spe Salvi: Saved in Hope, published this fall by Pauline Books and Media. 

Its Introduction is reprinted above.

The book is a guided tour of Pope Benedict’s extraordinary encyclical.  Spe Salvi is a rich and beautiful document.  But let’s face it — the Pope’s writing is challenging at times.  He is a world-class theologian of great accomplishment.  But the work of someone of that caliber can sometmies make for daunting reading to the average educated Catholic.  I think that’s what makes Your Guide worthwhile.

My book takes the reader through the encyclical step-by-step.  I provide plenty of explanations, illustrations, and background information on the territory the Pope covers.  I also offer questions for reflection, prayer prompts, and suggestions for moving the Pope’s teaching from something to think about and pray about to part of daily living.

Its designed as something that would work great to take with you to your prayer time.  It would also work well as a resource for a prayer group or parish adult education program. 

Interested in a free copy of Your Guide to Spe Salvi: Saved in Hope?  Leave a comment in the comment box to this post.  A winner will be chosen at random from among those who do.


2 Responses to “November 20 book giveaway: my new book “Your Guide to Spe Salvi: Saved in Hope””

  1. angela wolfe Says:

    Sounds like a great guide in a world that suddenly seems very dark and hopeless. Sign me up!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    We all need some hope right now!
    I am very much enjoying your blog. I look forward to continuing to follow it after your festival is over.

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