Two Causes You Might Not Have Heard Of

And recent articles about them:

Eusebio Francisco Kino, SJ (known as Padre Kino) (Italy, USA, 1644-1711)

TUCSON—More than 300 years after he first rode into this valley, the name Eusebio Francisco Kino still has meaning here.

The pious, intellectual, and exceedingly tough padre who, among many other accomplishments, established this region’s world-renowned mission system and introduced cattle ranching to the Santa Cruz Valley, is a unifying figure in this culturally mixed locale.


Alvillar is part of the nonprofit group Patronato de Kino, which has as one of its stated goals to “promote Padre Kino to beatification,” or sainthood. That is a process they hope to conclude by 2011, on the 300th anniversary of Kino’s death, said Raul Ramirez, the Patronato’s secretary.

“We think about him as a symbol of hope,” Ramirez said. “In the Catholic tradition you pray to saints for intercession with God, and we think that Kino would be a good symbol of unity; he tried to unite the tribes of Primeria Alta, and we are looking at him as a source of unity again.”

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Cardinal Thomas Cooray (Sri Lanka, 1901-1988)

Tewatte (AsiaNews) – “Living in accordance with his Episcopal motto ‘ministrare non ministrari’ – to serve and not to be served, His Eminence Cardinal Thomas Cooray visited his people with pastoral zeal, spreading the holiness of his life wherever he went.” The archbishop of Colombo, Oswald Gomis, remembered Cardinal Cooray on October 29, at a Mass at the basilica of Our Lady of Lanka in Tewatte, for the 20th anniversary of his death, in the presence of more than 900 faithful.

“The first Sri Lankan archbishop of Colombo . .


The Sri Lankan faithful often go to pray at his tomb, and say they are certain that he will soon be recognized as blessed. A committee has been set up to evaluate the testimonies of the many faithful who say they have witnessed a miracle through the intervention of Cardinal Cooray. Dickson Anthony, the committee’s secretary, tells AsiaNews that “we are collecting all the details of miracles, remedies, stories and answered prayers. And also a special Mass has been arranged on the 29th of each month at the nearby church of Sts. Peter & Paul in Ragama.”

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