Fr. Kapaun’s Cause

A new article on Fr. Emil Kapaun, the American Korean-War-era Army chaplain who was declared Venerable in 1993.  A snip:

At the POW camp, Funchess said Kapaun was separated from the enlisted troops’ compound. Somehow, he would get through the barbed wire to pray with the POWs, Funchess said.

“I saw him ministering to the needs of other POWs,” he said, “and he was especially helpful to anybody who may have been wounded or anybody who was sick.”

Kapaun also took a risk by holding worship services when possible — something Funchess said their captors did not approve of.

“They would break up any religious service that he was trying to hold,” he said.

He could be the next American to be canonized a saint.  More info here.


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