The winner of the November 5 book giveaway, Prayers of Hope, Words of Courage, by Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, is InNeedOfHope.

(I didn’t offer one on November 6.)

The winner of the November 7 book giveaway, Edith Stein: A Spiritual Portrait, by Dianne Marie Traflet, is Rev. Adriand Layug. 

Both of these were chosen at random from among the entries.  As I type this, November 8 has not yet come to a close, so the winner of the Dunsmore/Klimecki saints book is still unknown. 

Plenty more books to be given away, folks.  I’m surprised, when I look at my stats, how many people are visiting this blog during the Festival of Hope, but not entering to win the books.  Seriously, they’re free.  If you end up having to give me your address because you win, I’m not going to keep it and mail you advertisements or something.  Trust me, I’m not that organized.


One Response to “Winners!”

  1. Rev. Adriand Layug Says:

    Dear Barry,
    Peace of Christ!
    Thanks for choosing me to win the Nov 7 book give away “Edith Stein: A Spiritual Portrait”. What is your email ad so that I can give to you my address in order to me send the book?
    Rev. Adriand Layug

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