Today’s Guest Blogger: Lawrence Klimecki; Today’s Book Giveaway: “S Is for Saints”

As I prepared for this Festival of Hope and considered the people I’d like to invite to contribute as guest bloggers, I knew I wanted at least one artist involved.  For hope, like faith and love, is as much about beauty as it is about truth. 

As I considered Catholic artists to invite, two people came immediately to mind.  To my good fortune, both of them agreed to join us this month.  One of them was Lawrence Klimecki.  (You’ll meet the other here another day.)

Over the years, we have collected many saints books for kids in our home, lots of them very good.  But one of them stands out in my mind specifically for its artwork.  S Is for Saints (Paulist Press, 2003) is written by Megan Dunsmore and illustrated by Lawrence Klimecki.  The images of its saints are simple, but also strong, rich, and evocative, the kind that you want to spend more than a few moments pondering.  (If you click on the link to on the book’s title above, you can see a few of its pages with the “look inside” feature.)

Mr. Klimecki is the artist at Gryphon Rampant.  (Click on that link and you’ll see still more of his beautiful work.)  His bio page includes his comment:

“There are very few working artists today that would consider themselves Catholic artists, and even fewer who draw from the rich 2000 year tradition of Christian art. In the Middle Ages art was used to teach the faith to the illiterate, today we have a similar problem, not that people cannot read but that they choose not to. Art can, and in my opinion should, be used in much the same as way it has throughout the history of the Church, to teach the faith.”

Clearly, I thought, he’d been an excellent addition to the Festival of Hope. 

And his book will make a wonderful prize for some fortunate visitor!  Do you want that to be you?  To enter, add a comment in the comment box for this post.  In your comment, finish this sentence: “Life is beautiful because —-.”  Take that in whatever direction you’d like.  This time, rather than picking the winner randomly from among entrants, my family will choose the one they like the best.  (You have a diverse crowd to please, because that includes my wife and I, a teen, a middle-schooler, elementary schoolers, and toddlers!)

Mr. Klimecki’s post (with an example of his work) follows.


2 Responses to “Today’s Guest Blogger: Lawrence Klimecki; Today’s Book Giveaway: “S Is for Saints””

  1. Toni Says:

    Life is beautiful because God made all of it! One of the most precious and beautiful thing is the children that brighten each and every day of our lives.

    Each child brings a new light to the world!

  2. Toni Says:

    And these children are working to be the next saints in our lives.

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