Book winners

I owe you the announcement of two book winners.  Both of these lucky folks were chosen at random (one by my son Jacob, one by my daughter Gianna) from among those who left comments in the posts announcing these two book giveaways.

The winner of Sunday’s book giveaway, Giovanni Falbo’s St. Monica: The Power of a Mother’s Love, is Toni.

The winner of Monday’s book giveaway, Tim Drake’s Behind Bella: The Amazing Stories of Bella and the Lives Its Changed, is Lis.

Congratulations to you both, and many thanks to all of those who expressed interest in the books.  There are plenty more excellent freebies to come this month.  Keep chiming in.


2 Responses to “Book winners”

  1. Toni Says:

    Thank you I can’t wait to read about St. Monica!!

  2. Lis Says:

    Thanks so much! I also can’t wait to read Drake’s book 😀

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