November 3 book giveaway: Behind Bella

Today we’ll kick things up a notch (yeah, I’m an Emeril fan) at our Festival of Hope with the introduction of the first guest blogger of the month. 

When I started planning this undertaking several months ago, one of the first people I knew I wanted to invite was Tim Drake.  He’s one of the premier Catholic journalists in the United States.  His name has appeared on hundreds of articles in a wide variety of Catholics periodicals over the years, especially the National Catholic Register, where Tim is a senior writer.

Besides all those articles, he is the author of There We Stood, Here We Stand: 11 Lutheran Discover Their Catholic Roots; Saints of the Jubilee; and Young and Catholic: The Face of Tomorrow’s Church

But his newest (and perhaps coolest) book is a new one from Ignatius Press called Behind Bella: The Amazing Stories of Bella and the Lives It’s Changed.  It’s a companion book to the beautiful 2006 movie, Bella.  That’s the book that I’m offering to one fortunate visitor today.

Interesting in owning Tim’s book?  Leave a comment in the comment box of this post by midnight tonight, your time.  In your comment, name one reason, any reason, for hope in the cause of developing a greater respect for human life (from conception to natural death) today.  It needn’t be political, national, or legal in nature (though it could be); personal works too.  We’ll pick a random one here at our house from among the entries. 

Tim’s guest-post follows below.  Thanks for joining us, Tim.  Enjoy, everyone.


4 Responses to “November 3 book giveaway: Behind Bella”

  1. Lis Says:

    I’m sorry I don’t really understand what you’re asking “for hope in the respect for life cause today” ? I will just answer what I think you’re asking

    I think there is still hope for life today because things could be worse 😀
    The world is doing pretty okay for itself but we can do so much better to improve living conditions and try HARD not to kill our environment any more than we already have.

    I heard about this book recently and would really like to read it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Barry Michaels Says:

    Thanks, Liz. I was trying to be brief, and I ended up being unclear. I edited by explanation a bit to hopefully make it clearer.

  3. Tim Troutman Says:

    One reason for increased hope? Hmm.. on the eve before a pivotal election this is a tough one to answer. My answer today will undoubtedly be different than mine tomorrow (or two days from now I mean).

    I guess I’d say because we know that life will ultimately triumph and that life has triumphed over death in the Person of Jesus Christ.

  4. Marcia Bessette Says:

    Developing a greater respect for human life: honestly, it amazes me that there is such lack of respect for human life today and it scares me.

    I truly hope that there is a movement to create more respect for human life. I think there is a lot that we learn from others. When I was growing up, my parents had friends whose daughter was severely/profoundly retarded. Watching their love for her and how they interacted with her touched me for life.

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