November 2 book giveaway: St. Monica: The Power of a Mother’s Love

Okay, so the entries for the book giveaways are off to a slow start. But we’ll plug on, hoping that word of what’s available here starts circulating a bit.

Today I’m giving away St. Monica: The Power of a Mother’s Love, by Giovanni Falbo.  I figure it’s a good day to do so, since St. Monica stands as an strong illustration the importance and power of our prayers for one another.  It’s a beautiful biography of 135 pages, written by an Italian priest, originally published in 2003, but translated and published in English last year by Pauline Books and Media. 

Monica, as you know, was a stubborn and powerful intercessor, especially for her son, Augustine. 

To enter to win the book, leave a comment in the comment box of this post before midnight tonight (your time, not this blog’s time, is fine).  This time, for your comment, simply leave the first name or even the initials of a person or people who have died whom you would like to remember in prayer today.  And we’ll ask anyone who happens to look over these comments to take a moment of prayer for whoever ends up mentioned here.  Again, leave your e-mail address in the appropriate box (it won’t be published), so that I can contact you if you win.  Let’s go with the random selection of one of the entries again. 

One of my kids will pick a winner from Saturday’s entries on Sunday, and I’ll announce it.


5 Responses to “November 2 book giveaway: St. Monica: The Power of a Mother’s Love”

  1. Kathleen Techler Says:

    I have SAINTS FOR OUR TIMES and like it very much. Please pray for MJC Jr. and Sr., R.C., D.M. and L.M. Thank you!

  2. Karina Fabian Says:

    Today I want to remember my grandmother, Ruby, and my father-in-law, Felix. I’ve also many uncles, aunts and some cousins.

    Thank you!

  3. Toni Says:

    Please pray for my grandparents, my mother-in-law Judy, and Mike. Thank you.

  4. Janet F Says:

    I would like to remember my son today.
    Please pray for him, thank you.

  5. Janet F Says:

    I forgot to add his initails P.K.

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