Festival of Hope: Opening Here Tomorrow!

I’ll begin rolling out the long-anticipated (by me anyway) blog event I’m calling The Festival of Hope here tomorrow.  All the exciting details are here. 

The guest bloggers have weighed in, and I’m looking forward to presenting their posts.  The box of books and other give-aways on my desk is overflowing and ready for a bunch of lucky folks to win. 

So stop by often during the month of November.  There will be something to read, or win, or both, every single day. (That’s what I’m planning for anyway.  As you know, though, one never knows what kinds of distractions life might throw one’s way!  I’ve been up several hours through the night for the past three night with a sick 3-year-old!  So be patient if their are hiccups along the way.) 

And please, PASS THE WORD.  I’d hate to give away all of these books to my own family members!


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