Little Audrey

I mentioned last week, here and on Sacred Heart Radio. the little step along what could be the path to canonization of Audrey Santo.  The existence of a lay organization in her home-diocese of Worcester, MA, which intends to convince the diocese the formally pursue the canonization cause, has been approved by the bishop there.

The event has brought some attention on Santo’s cause, with a significant article in the Boston Globe on Monday.  It seems to be pretty balanced in its approach and outlines well the very real and legitmate reasons to think that the canonization may never happen.  

Audrey was 3 years old when the accident that incapacitated her happened.  It would be next to impossible to canonize someone who had died at the age of three, because it’s before the age at which they’re able to have a conscious faith and choose to live it out.  I realize that she didn’t die at that age, but she was also unable, from that point on, to make conscious choices of any kind after that age. And one of the most important parts of the case that someone should be canonized is to demonstrate that they lived out the virtues (specifically, the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance, and the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love) to a heroic degree.  Someone who cannot make conscious choices can’t be said to be exercising virtue. 

Also, the miracles associated with her (bleeding hosts, oil seeping from holy images, even a sort of telekenisis related to claims that she controlled her IVs with her mind) invite serious skepticism. 

Finally, it’s also true that the Vatican under John Paul II and now Benedict XVI clearly has been more interested in models to inspire Christians today than miracles to awe us. 

UPI also published an article this week, though shorter.


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  1. Linda Santo Says:

    I am interested in where you recieved your information on Audrey’s abilities. Have you interviewed her doctors and nurses? And if so who are they, names and dates of caring for Audrey. You seem to be misinformed about Audrey’s abilities.

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