Four New Saints!

The Church has four new saints!  The first canonizations in sixteen months took place at the Vatican this morning. 

Pope Benedict canonized Sr. Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception (a 20th century nun from India), Mary Bernard Butler (a 19th/20th century nun from Switzerland), Gaetano Errico (a 19th century Italian priest), and Narcisa de Jesus Martillo Moran (a 19th century laywoman from Ecuador).  (Click the links on the names to get to the Vatican’s official bios of each saint.)

I’ve mentioned Sr. Alphonsa and Narcisa of Jesus on this blog before, having spoken about them during my monthly visit to Sacred Heart Radio’s Son Rise morning show.  These two canonizations in particular seem to be confirming what much rich popular devotion has already expressed, especially among Catholics of their two home countries. 

Frankly, though, it’s Sr. Alphonsa whose popularity is massive.  This was seen at the canonization Mass today.  Also in the amount of coverage of today’s event that’s devoted particularly to her — and the huge percentage of people stopping by this blog in recent days having found their way here by an internet search for “Sr. Alphonsa.”  (Welcome to all!)

Let us pray with Pope Benedict (from his homily today): “May their example encourage us; may their teachings guide and comfort us; may their intercession support us in our daily struggles, so that we too may come one day to share with them and with all the saints in the joy of the eternal banquet in the heavenly Jerusalem.”


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