Soon-to-Be Saints

Welcome to any visitors who have found their way here today through Sacred Heart Radio or its blog. This morning, I talked with Brian Patrick on his Son Rise morning show about developments in the canonization causes of three important figures in Church history. (As I noted last week here, I’ll be chatting with Brian once a month on the topic of up-and-coming-saints’ causes.) 

Here’s a summary, with some additional resources for you:

1. The remains of Cardinal John Henry Newman (that’s him in the photo) will soon be moved from its cemetery plot to a special tomb inside Birmingham Oratory, a strong indicator of Vatican interest in a beatification that happens sooner rather than later.  My most personal connection to him is that his The Idea of a University was required reading in one of my college courses.  It was tough-going, but taught me a lot about thinking, learning, education, and being a person in society.

WordPress is being cranky, not letting me embed the video here, but there’s a news clip on Newman from a British station here.

2. In just over a month (on October 12, 2008), Pope Benedict will canonize Sr. Alphonsa Muttathupadathu (also known, thankfully!, as Sr. Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception) along with three other blesseds.  She is especially noteworthy because most reports are identifying her as the first saint of India.  (On the other hand, St. Gonsalo Garcia was the son of an Indian mother and Portugese father, born in India in 1556 and canonized with 25 other martyrs by Pope Pius IX in 1862.)  Sr. Alphonsa, a Poor Clare nun who lived most of her life in a sickbed, died at age 36 in 1946.  Her tomb is already a well-established pilgrimage site in India. 

There’s a news clip on her from an Indian tv station here.

3. The beatification of Louis and Zelie Martin is set for one week later (October 19).  Their biggest claim to fame is only that they’re the parents of the one of the most famous and well-loved saints in the entire history of the Church.  As a parent of 7, I’ll take this one as, at least implicitly, recognition of the important role of parents in their children’s moral and spiritual formation. 

I posted a little video on them about two weeks ago, here.


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  1. Paul Says:


    We’re thrilled about Sr. Alphonsa’s canonization. She’s the first female Indian saint, as well as the first fully Indian saint. We’re related to her and our whole family is making the trip to Rome next month for the event. Great blog, by the way!



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