Novena to Mother Teresa, Day 7


Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, you called us to smile at one another with a big smile! In the places most crowded with pain and disappointment, and in the midst of your own experience of spiritual lifelessness, you radiated the joy of Christ.

Mother Teresa, in the midst of my own frustrations and the sorrows of our world, show me how to rejoice. Teach me to smile at others.  Obtain for me the grace of a joyful heart that never ignores the difficulties of life but, in spite of them, abides in God’s love.

Novena Prayer:

Mother Teresa, you came to the aid of so many people during your life on earth. So I come to you now, confident in your willingness to help me in my need. (Mention your request here.) Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, servant of the poorest of the poor, pray for us!


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