Novena to Mother Teresa, Day 6


Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, you cleaned the infected sores and kissed the dirty faces of the most rejected people in the world.  You embraced the most unpleasant tasks and ran into the foulest places — all because you recognized the dignity of every human person.  You refused to allow the world to forget those it would prefer to ignore. 

Mother Teresa, I want to learn this hard lesson.  Help me never to turn my back on anyone in need because they might repel me or are unattractive or unpleasant.  Help me to embrace those who are most ignored by my own community.  Let my own life be a radiant witness to the dignity of each person. 

Novena Prayer:

Mother Teresa, you came to the aid of so many people during your life on earth. So I come to you now, confident in your willingness to help me in my need. (Mention your request here.) Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, servant of the poorest of the poor, pray for us!


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