Novena to Mother Teresa, Day 4


Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, you asked us to love our families first.  The well-being of families had an important place in your prayers and your work. 

Mother Teresa, by your prayers, help us form our families into communuties of love and life.  Teach us to love and serve our spouses in the same way you loved Jesus, whom you joyfully called your demanding spouse.  Teach us to love and serve our children as you loved the poor whom God called you to serve.  Never let my parents or siblings suffer the poverty of being unloved, forgotten, or unforgiven by me.

Novena Prayer:

Mother Teresa, you came to the aid of so many people during your life on earth. So I come to you now, confident in your willingness to help me in my need. (Mention your request here.) Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, servant of the poorest of the poor, pray for us!


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