Novena to Mother Teresa, Day 1


Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, your works of love caught our world’s attention as you radiated God’s thirsting love for humanity.  Calling yourself a tiny pencil in God’s hand, you allowed him to write a bold love letter to the people of the twentieth century.

Teach me to love, Mother Teresa, and show me how to love in the circumstances of my own life.  By your prayers, your example, your simple words so full of wisdom, teach me what it means to love Jesus in other people, to giev until it hurts, especially when he appears to me in the distressing disguise of the poor.

Novena Prayer:

Mother Teresa, you came to the aid of so many people during your life on earth. So I come to you now, confident in your willingness to help me in my need. (Mention your request here.) Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, servant of the poorest of the poor, pray for us!


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