“To walk in the company of the saints”

There’s a worthwhile little article from Zenit this week, reporting Pope Benedict’s recent comments about the importance of studying the lives of the saints. 

Noting several feast days happening this month, the Pope said, “Dear brothers and sisters, day after day the Church offers us the possibility to walk in the company of the saints.”  He cites very nice comments from Hans Urs von Balthasar and Jean Guiton, and insists that holiness is “the universal vocation of all those who are baptized.”

The Pope also said, “The period of vacation is certainly a useful time to review the biography and writings of some men or women saints in particular, but each day of the year offers us the opportunity to become familiar with our heavenly patrons.”

To that end, may I humbly suggest that Saints for Our Times: New Novenas and Prayers ain’t a bad place to start! Consider making it a resource to renew your own personal walk in the company of the saints.


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