A Patron for the People of Cuba

As historic changes occur this week in Cuba, ones which relate directly to matters of religion and human rights (among other things, obviously), we should keep the nation and its people in our prayers.  One place to turn for this prayer should certainly be St. Anthony Claret (1807-1870), the 200th anniversary of whose birth passed quietly unnoticed by most of us this this past Christmas eve.

A significant part of St. Anthony’s ministry during his time on earth was given to the care of the people of Cuba: he served as the Archbishop of Santiago in Cuba for six years.  Certainly he continues to watch over her people still today.  Not only that, St. Anthony was a heroic defender of human rights and social justice, especially during those Cuba years.  He’d be a clear choice as patron of any people suffering under any kind of oppression or exploitation.

My article on St. Anthony Claret appears in the new issue (March/April 2008) of The Catholic Answer.  Have a look, if you get the chance.


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